We run campaigns on our social media platforms where we pick a specific diabetes related topic each month and invite everyone to send in their thoughts and opinions as a video. Here are a few glimpses of our topics over the months.


Health care reform starts in the kitchen. Small healthy choices make a big difference in the long run. Learn what has worked for people in their diabetes management. Eat well, live well and be well.


In India, diabetes is taboo when it comes to marriage. Both marriage and diabetes need commitment and a lot of work to be put in. Marriage is definitely not out of bounds for a diabetic. We have everyone from teenagers to septuagenarians talk about marriage and diabetes.


Together we are stronger. The power of community has touched most of our lives and we wish to pay it forward. Small steps when multiplied by a lot of people can change the world.


What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. See how people inspired themselves to change things for the better after their diagnosis. Tough situations build tough people and strong families.


What annoys you about having diabetes? The sympathy? Strange looks when you take your shot in public? Having to take shots? Having to explain your food choices to people? Having to work doubly hard to prove you're as good as anyone else? Let's all rant together in this campaign!