March 17th 2024 7:30 AMMark the date!  

8th International Diabetes Summit Run
2024 Pune15th - 17th March 2024

Brought to you by Chellaram Diabetes Institute and Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation

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On the day of the run, please ensure you are on time. T-shirts will be distributed on the day of the run. Join the energetic Zumba warm-up at 7:30AM before the run. Healthy snacks will be served after the run. Post about the event and your run with photos on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget to use the hashtag #IDSRun2024. We will be happy to re-share your post on the official IDS 2024 social media pages and send you a participation e-certificate as well.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes and socks that provide necessary cushioning and support for your feet. Hydrate well before and during your run. If you have any type of diabetes, do not forget to check your blood sugar before, during and after the run. Also, remember to eat a small snack before your run to avoid hypoglycemia.

We look forward to seeing your social media posts with the hashtag #IDSRun2024

Happy running!

Register for the run!

Registrations are now open for the run on Sunday 17th March 2024 at 7:30am. Please note that the run is only a physical event in Pune (and not a virtual one). 500 t-shirts will be given to the registered runners who come to the physical event on a first come first serve basis