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Blue Circle Diabetes Charity Calendar 2021

A delightful calendar for the new year featuring 12 people with diabetes to remind you that a diagnosis didn't end the journey, and that with grit and determination we will triumph together! Keep it on your desk or let it adorn your wall and gift it to your family and friends too!


Blue Circle Diabetes Sticker Sheet (11 Stickers)

Fun & Colorful stickers to brighten up your day. Use them on your insulin pens to ensure you don't mix up bolus and basal, use them on your glucometers, notebooks, Libres, pumps, bottles, bags etc and show off your swag!


Blue Circle Diabetes Magnets

Two cute magnets (We simply can't decide what's cuter!) - One has the fabled unicorn which comes with positive vibes and motivation to maintain steady blood sugars and the second magnet has our favorite Sholay character, Gabbar asking "Kitne carbs they", which is basically what we do all day, carb count, bolus and eat 😜



Blue Circle Diabetes Bundle

A special bundle of love and hugs containing
  • 1 Desk Calendar
  • 1 Wall Calendar
  • 1 E-Calendar
  • 1 Unicorn Magnet
  • 1 Gabbar Magnet
  • 1 Sticker Sheet

And did we mention free shipping too?